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I don't even know if this is an accurate representation of which of these characters was more popular.  Out of Touch Man strikes again!
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Blitzkrieg1701, October 25th, 2018, 2:24 pm

I can't be the first guy to do a Hestia vs. Aqua joke, right? I mean, Danmachi and Konosuba came out within a year of each other, so the cute girl goddess similarities CAN'T have gone without notice... and yet, even after all this time, I'm still afraid to look and find out for myself. You just KNOW the results would be massively NSFW.

Also, this is another Special Edition'd page, and a much more drastic one than the previous instance. As I so often do, I got WAAAY to excited with the dramatic shadow gradient whatever, to the point that anyone who didn't already KNOW that's supposed to be Hestia looming over Aqua probably wouldn't have been able to make out WHAT was happening. I'd hoped I could fix it with just a bit of brightness/contrast fiddling, but in the end I had to completely redo the bottom half of the page. And THAT, children, is why you always save your original, unedited scans!

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