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Also how I got all these papercuts
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Blitzkrieg1701, September 16th, 2016, 2:33 pm

Okay, that bottom caption is a little bit of a lie. Actually, the real reason all my schedules have been so out of whack post-Animazement was something that happened before I even arrived at the con. Thanks to some phenomenally poor planning on my part, AZ ended up becoming the deadline for several other creative projects. A new booklet of Conventional Wisdom to have as a prize, a new book of Far Out There material ALSO as a prize, a brand new Far Out There preview book, all stuff I'd told myself I'd have ready by Animazement. That meant I was trying to crank out new content for THOSE projects at the same time I was getting all my other material ready for Artist Alley (including laying out ANOTHER new book to sell), AND getting basic con survival arrangements made, AND having something meaningful to contribute to the panels I was on, AND just getting all my usual comic and Patreon content done far enough in advance to cover that weekend. When all was said and done, I was as creatively spent as I usually am after an update is OVER before I'd even arrived at the hotel. So by the time I actually HAD finished that update (which, don't forget, would have been Conventional Wisdom's longest if I hadn't cut some material at the last minute) I was just DONE.

And THAT'S why I just haven't had anything these past few weeks. It's taken everything I had just to get regularly scheduled Far Out There pages done on time, and I already know what those are going to be. The pile of potential Patreon comics really was GINORMOUS, and I just wasn't in a state to sort through them in a competent manner. I actually wound up starting comics over again because the first draft was just unusable, or even throwing out (mostly) finished pages because they simply weren't turning out as funny as I'd though. That usually a rare occurrence when it happens ONCE, let alone several times in a row. That's also why this set of comics kind of jumps from the beginning to the end like that. I usually try to have an arc to these comic sets (emphasis on TRY) but this time I just had to run with what was working, whether it flowed together or not.

...and the REALLY sad thing is that I totally had to throw out the remaining "but I think I'm getting things together" text because NO I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT GET THINGS BACK TOGETHER. It's only now, when Summer's basically OVER, that I'm finally managing to get the Patreon schedule back to what it's supposed to be. When I finally allow myself to get off schedule, I STAY that way.

But yeah, after months of being distracted and fumbling around at completely random intervals, I'm FINALLY starting to get Patreon stuff out on a regular basis again. So, if you want to become a patron, now's the perfect time!

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