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Also, Ami and Mami forgot which one was which
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Blitzkrieg1701, February 5th, 2016, 9:40 pm

...well THAT was a cheerful way to wrap up the Idolmaster comics, wasn't it? I mean, yeah, putting a music-based property into the patented Behind The Music Downward Spiral is second only to the Spinal Tap parody in obviousness, but still.

...which is funny, because probably my one complain about Idolmaster is its decision to get all dramatic in the second half. I have weird, contradictory problems with all the drama bombs in the later episodes, even if they aren't exactly done BADLY or anything. It's just... Look, if a 16 year old kid thrust into show business has a nervous breakdown, it's not because she doesn't get to hang out with her friends as much as she'd like. It's because she's addicted to drugs to cope with her inhuman work schedule, or because of an army of stalkers harassing her (or because a gross record exec groped her, but even I didn't wanna go THERE). Am I saying I wanted the story to go that route? No, of course not. That would have completely wrecked the show. So why even hint at it? Why make a point of saying "You know, it'd be unrealistic to say being an idol is all fun and games" if they're going to unrealistically focus on the fun and games anyway? If you aren't gonna go down that dark hallway, don't open the door and point, just keep it shut and go about your merry way.

...which this show could EASILY have gotten away with! Think about it: this is already a program where one character doesn't have a name, and another doesn't have a FACE. One of the girls straight-up talks to animals, and another one might actually be from The Moon. If this show is set in a universe where a famous singer can be chased through town, in a wedding dress, by a mob off shady body guards, knife-wielding street vendors, and FREAKIN' CIRCUS ANIMALS without anyone batting an eye, depicting an entertainment industry that's not as gross & terrible as the real thing should be easy. If you aren't gonna really make something out of that concept, just leave it alone and stick to the silly good times. 'Cos hey, Idolmaster is VERY good at silly good times!

But yeah, that's it for the Idolmaster comics! I decided not to lump Cinderella Girls in with this series, but I wouldn't be opposed to doing that too, if someone requested it.

(Remember, if there's a series you really want to see comics about, $5 a Month Patreon Supporters get to tell me what to watch!)

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